One of the major electricity consumers is the water heater. Your water heater alone can consume up to 96% of the total energy consumed in your home. Switching to a hybrid water heater can reduce monthly utility bills. Read on to learn the benefits of hybrid water heaters.

1. Decreases Electricity Bills

A hybrid water heater uses electricity and a heat pump to heat water in our home. Surprisingly, the heat pump obtains hot air from the surroundings and expels cooler air. This process allows your water heater to reduce the amount of electricity required to heat water in your home.

2. Faster Installation Process

Your hybrid water heater can fit through a 21-inch door since it’s narrow enough. Fortunately, it uses the same connections as the typical electric water heater, meaning no special connection is needed. This makes the installation process faster and more affordable.

3. Federal Tax Credit

Once you switch to a hybrid water heater, you will notice a significant difference in your electricity bill. Furthermore, a hybrid water heater qualifies for a federal tax credit, meaning your heater will essentially pay for itself in no time.

4. Safer Than Gas-Powered Water Heaters

A hybrid water heater uses electricity, a safer energy source than natural gas. Sometimes, even if you take precautions, gas appliances can leak, posing a danger to you and your home.

5. Environmentally Friendly

A hybrid water heater uses electricity, meaning no fuel emissions that can harm the environment.

6. Econet App

Today, a hybrid water heater comes with an Econet app. The app allows the user to adjust the temperatures, track the energy usage, and set the water heater operating mode from their smartphone. Your technician can also connect to your water heater to review alarm codes and detailed alerts.

7. Warranty

Unlike an electric water heater with a six-year warranty on the tank, a two-year warranty on the part, and a one-year labor warranty, a hybrid water heater has a 10-year warranty on the tank and parts and a one-year labor warranty.

8. Leak guard

A hybrid water heater comes with an incredible feature known as Leakguard. This feature protects your home from flooding by detecting any leakage in your tank. If a leak should occur, the unit will shut down and sends you an alert in your smart app.

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