Leaky faucets happen from time to time. Faucets typically start dripping after many years of use, but other factors besides long-term use can cause leakage. There are some basic things you can do to make sure your faucet isn’t prone to leaking if you install a new one yourself. If you find a leak, you can do some relatively easy repair work that will fix it in most cases.

How to Prevent Leaks as You Install a New Faucet

Getting the installation fully sealed is the first step toward a long-lasting faucet with no dripping. Checking the whole sink and pipe system behind the faucet will help you get a high-quality seal. Make sure everything is threaded and tightened on all plumbing and piping, and be sure to flush the pipes before putting the new faucet on.

Plumber’s putty can also help keep your faucets sealed through many years of wear and tear. While it is optional on some faucets, it definitely helps in most cases. You should also carefully clean the faucet area with a mild, abrasive cleaner and dry it completely before installing a new faucet.

Fixing Existing Leaks

Faucets often leak when the washers experience corrosion. If you have water with a lot of natural minerals in it, sometimes your washers will erode faster than normal. When you start to notice leaking, it is best to take the faucet apart, clean everything, check all the threading on the attachments, and replace all the washers. You can also reapply any sealing that has deteriorated with time.

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