In our continued series around tankless water heaters, we’re going to help dispel some of the most common myths about these on-demand units. If you’re considering a tankless water heater for your home, this can help you fully understand what these units can and can’t do, as well as combat some of the rumors you may have heard about them.

Myth 1: Instant Hot Water

This is probably the most common myth about tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are considered “instantaneous” – meaning they create hot water at the unit the moment you open a tap. That hot water still needs to travel from the unit (tankless) to the tap. Instant hot water is when you receive hot water within seconds of opening a tap.

Tankless water heaters by themselves don’t provide instant hot water. However, they can with the use of a recirculating pump. Some tankless water heaters (not all) come with internal recirculating pumps, which does allow for instant hot water. External recirculating pumps can also work with most tankless water heaters!

Myth 2: One-Size-Fits-All

Not exactly. Most homes were built and plumbed for what was standard and spec’d at that time (ex: 50 gallon water heater). There are times when the gas line is too small, for example. Or the exhaust may need to be rerouted because the existing vent can’t be used. The condensate drain needs to be accounted for, and there also needs to be a 120V electrical outlet near the installation location.

Myth 3: Problematic

Tankless water heaters being problematic is another common misconception. Most of the time, issues with tankless water heaters are simply due to poor installation – not the units themselves. When tankless water heaters were first introduced in America, many installers thought they were plug-n-play. Factory training was also slow to be adopted, which meant a lot of improper installations. As a whole, most professional plumbing companies these days have spent resources training their technicians to correctly install them to manufacturer standards.

There are poor grade tankless units to watch out for, though. Stay away from those cheap, online specials!

Myth 4: Similar Cost as Storage Tanks

While most folks don’t expect a tankless water heater to be the same price as a traditional storage tank unit, we do hear this from time to time. While there usually isn’t sticker shock at the cost of a tankless unit being a bit higher, what can catch people off guard is the additional cost of materials and labor often required to make the switch to tankless. It’s worth noting that these additional parts and labor can affect the complete cost of installation as they are needed.

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