Updated On: 11/01/23

When shopping around for a new water heater, you must consider the size, energy efficiency, fuel source, and recovery rate. Choosing a good recovery rate for your water heater guarantees uninterrupted comfort in your Bellevue home.

What Exactly Is a Water Heater Recovery Rate?

The water heater’s recovery rate is the volume of hot water that your water heater can provide in a set period. This rate measures how quickly your water heater replenishes your hot water supply. It is best to note that the recovery rate differs from the first-hour rating, which refers to the amount of hot water your heater can provide in a single hour.

Your water heater’s recovery rate depends on the time frame, temperature, and wattage, and it is measured in gallons per hour. Naturally, the higher the GPH, the faster your water heater will supply more hot water. Usually, gas water heaters have a recovery rate of around 30 to 40 GPH whereas electric water heaters have a recovery rate of approximately 20 to 22 GPH.

What Is the Ideal Recovery Rate for a Hot Water Heater?

The ideal recovery rate for your water heater depends on your individual needs. Typically, most residential hot water heaters have an average recovery rate of around 40 GPH. However, it’s also common to find other models with a recovery rate of over 50 GPH.

Most commercial water heaters have a recovery rate of more than 100 GPH. To figure out the best recovery rate for your water heater, it is best to determine the amount of hot water your family uses. A water heater with a quick recovery rate is ideal for you if your household uses a lot of hot water.

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